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How To: Cut Garlic by Jacques Pepin

Sometimes we need to get back to the basics and this video covers how to chop garlic (simple I know but not for everyone) demonstrated by one of my favorite chefs - Jacques Pepin.  

The Complete Beginners Guide to Cheap and Healthy Cooking

Complete Guide to Cooking Basics
Alright, let’s get started with the basics. Keep in mind this is not a course on basic kitchen skills, if that's what you are looking for Brothers Green Eats is a very good resource, so check their beginner’s guide if you have any questions about chopping, how to handle a knife and whatnot. Those are things I can’t explain...

How To Season Your Cast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron Cookware
Seasoning a cast iron skillet is the secret to it's efficiency and a solid sear. This guide will give you enough room to make some changes of your own. The objective here is to give you a coat of seasoning that isn't uneven, is impermeable, and is, of course, non-stick. Tools: The piece you want An oven Your seasoning oil....